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Sometimes, you need a little poke to get started with a short story. Make some coffee and here are 15 completely unique and generic short story starter ideas that may help you come up with your own story to write.

  • A man accidentally wanders into his neighbor’s house and discovers that everything inside is plastic and completely fake like props in a movie. The food in the fridge is plastic, the plates are all breakaway glass and the furniture only looks like furniture from one point of view.
  • A man goes to a new casino and uses his player’s club card. Every time he does, he wakes up as if from a trance and doesn’t remember doing anything or winning the money that he now has. Now there are shady people following him.
  • A man tries new drug to quit smoking but finds that he can now breathe underwater, in the middle of a fire or anywhere else.
  • A woman keeps losing important things that she knows were in her purse just minutes ago. Then mysterious things start appearing in her purse that she never put there.
  • A man makes up to find himself three years in the past but it is not the past that he remembers.
  • A woman downloads an app that uses videos and learning tools to teach new skills like languages, cooking and martial arts. But she discovers that just going through the program one time has made her a foremost expert in that activity.
  • A wounded veteran and triple amputee notices that his limbs slowly start growing back. But so do the memories of a mission that he never wanted to remember.
  • A child finds a genie in a bottle who will grant him unlimited wishes. Everything is going fine until he realizes that the genie is trying to kill him.
  • A young woman who is going through pictures and video after her parents died realizes that there is a mysterious man in every single family photo an important picture and no one in the family knows who he is.
  • A boy moves into a neighborhood in all of the kids warned him not to go near the monster house. Then he realizes that the monster house is his.
  • A man keeps ending up with other people’s possessions whenever he touches them and it sparks a ghost mystery.
  • Five people are invited by friends to show up at an address and played board games and have a party. However, none of their friends show up. Only the strangers who do not know each other.
  • A man goes to the same fishing spot every day for 20 years. One day he can’t find it but he finds something really mysterious there instead.
  • A man is pardoned by the president of the United States and afterword starts receiving messages begging for his help. They are from the president’s wife.
  • A man goes to sleep in a lounge chair in his backyard and when he wakes up he is in a completely different lounge chair, in a completely different yard in a completely different city.

Julie Gonzalez