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So, you have decided that you want to move forward with your writing project and need to hire a ghostwriter. This may seem like a daunting project but with our easy-to-follow guide, you can get your thoughts and opinions on paper via a ghostwriter in no time. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to hire a ghostwriter to get started.

Step 1- Define The Goals of Your Project

Working with a ghostwriter is a pretty intimate experience. You will need to share your thoughts, feelings, opinions, and idea in a way that allows another person to translate them into written content. You need to be able to trust who you are working with, and they need to be able to understand your vision. Going into the project with the right expectations is the most important part that will lead to a successful partnership.

Step 2 – Get Your Material Together

To start, have all of your research, notes, stories, and case studies ready before you meet with the ghostwriter. Their job is to put everything together, so doing the research in advance or having someone else do it on your behalf will make things much easier. If you are working on a larger story but only have the basic framework, you will need to be able to communicate easily with them so they can flesh out your content in the way that you intend.

Step 3- Look For a Ghostwriter

Scaring up a ghost can often be easier than finding a good ghostwriter. We are not serious, however, finding a professional that meets your needs and your budget can be a practice in patience. To start, most ghostwriters are not able to advertise past work for obvious reasons but you can use a matching service if your project is large enough. You can check on freelance sites and also with publishing houses to see if there are ghostwriters available to meet your needs.

Step 4- Assess Your Prospects

Choose a ghostwriter that has a strong gift of storytelling and the ability to write efficiently. Problem-solving and deep comprehension are also essential and will help make the collaboration process more effective. A jack of all trades that is able to mimic the author’s voice is ideal and often rare, so if you find one, hire them right away. Check their references, review their work samples, and consider giving them a test run to see if they fit your project needs and can emulate the voice you desire for your business or story.

Step 5- Lay Our Your Project Guidelines

Once you have selected one or two ghostwriters you want to work with, it is a good time lay out your project guidelines. Let them know how creative they can be with your content and how involved you plan to be in guiding the content arc. Lay out how often you want updates and if you want to meet in person or via video or voice meetings. Next send over your proposal to get their feedback, acceptance, or to address any other concerns.

Step 6 – Hire Your Ghostwriter

Once you and your ghostwriter have agreed on the project guidelines, now is the time to talk about final pricing, revision request allowances, delivery times, and then to set up a contract. Keep in mind that most ghostwriters have a delayed availability so make sure that you have enough time to dedicate to waiting for their work and for having it sent back to you after any required revisions. With our easy-to-follow guide, the toughest parts of hiring a ghostwriter have been simplified, the rest is up to you, so good luck!

Julie Gonzalez