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When you hire a ghostwriter, there are going to be certain steps that that ghostwriter follows. You want to be familiar with those steps so that you can follow along in determine how long they will take to do your project and whether the cost of the project is worth it. Let’s take a look at each of these steps one at a time.

Step One: Discussion of Prices, Deadlines & Your Requirements

The first thing that any good ghostwriter will do is discuss their price and your requirements with some sort of deadline usually agreed upon. This may be a very flexible deadline or it may be a solid one. In either case, it is your responsibility to let the writer know how firm that deadline is and what to do if they feel that they are not going to make the deadline. Another part of this step is to create any paperwork or documentation that you need to ensure that they will not disclose the name of your book and the fact that they have written it or any other agreements that they need to sign. Naruto Fanfiction authors are a great place to find ghostwriter prospects.

Step Two: Plotting Your Novel or Planning Your Book

Next, your ghostwriter will either plan out your book or plot your novel for you. Most of the time, ghostwriters prefer to create their own plot. The reason for this is that it is difficult to work off of someone else’s plot. People who have never actually written a book before might think that they know how to plot out a novel, but when someone else tries to read and write from it the events described in a particular chapter or section may be too inconsequential to last for the length of words that it needs to be or the prose simply does not build towards the climax the way it should. For a nonfiction book, it is more common for people to plan out what they want written themselves.

Step Three: Character Development

Depending upon the style that your ghostwriter writes in, you may see them create a list of characters and some information about them before they actually start the process of writing. However, do not be alarmed if this is not the case. Many people write based upon general outline and add characters as they write.

Step Four: The Writing Process

The writing itself is the next step in the process. This will also be the longest step in the process. While creating an outline only takes a day or two in the best cases and a week in the worst, writing a 50,000 or 60,000 word novel can take the better part of two or three months. There’s a lot of overlap with what IT Consulting Firms go through when charging hourly rates.

Step Five: Final Editing

Your ghostwriter should also do final editing at the end. This means that they go through the book carefully and correct all of the grammar mistakes and typos, tie up any loose ends and ensure that name changes halfway through or other problems do not arise. It is a good idea for your ghostwriter to work on a different project for at least a couple of weeks before attempting this editing as they will come back with a fresh mind.

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